BCM302 peer review

Peer review1: Sean Pickering

The first pitch I commented on was Sean’s DA project on the combination of photography and videography. He wants to continue to complete his professional portfolio, and his works are very contagious and present a unique vision of natural scenery. His concept is to continue the project to attract new followers and stabilize the old followers, I am very supportive of this, and having solid old followers will bring him more motivation and support.
Sean’s target audience is determined to be 18-24 year old. Most of these young people like to use tiktok to watch short videos. Although the audience is mainly male, there are also women who like photography and adventure. These people may lack a simple teaching process to stabilize their passion for photography and adventure.
Therefore, the platforms he currently uses for the project are Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, but I found that most of the videos on YouTube are short videos. Short videos may not develop as fast as tiktok in terms of playing volume and attracting followers on the YouTube platform. My suggestion is to move similar short videos to the tiktok platform to attract people who love photography, extremes, and travel more. YouTube can put some technical content such as production tutorials and camera parameters that will attract the attention of many beginners and amateurs. This can also replace the lockdown mentioned in Sean’s video and do his own work at home.
A good photographic work needs to be turned into a long-term stable job, maybe he can try to participate in some photography competitions. I searched Google and found that many camera brands or some associations hold photography competitions every year. This is not limited to the year of the photography works nor the lockdown. Photography competitions can have more photography enthusiasts, professionals and collectors pay attention to their own photographic works. Many collectors will contact the participating personnel to purchase his works, or there will be staff from scenic spots who will restore the tourism industry in the future to seek opportunities for future promotional photos cooperation.
In general, I also like outdoor photography so I am looking forward to the future trends of his project.

Peer review2: Lai Chau

The second pitch I reviewed is Rachel’s DA project, which is a personal investment portfolio expanded and improved based on the research of BCM325 project high fashion industry marketing. I think her improved social platform is conform to with her project goals. Using Instagram and tiktok to attract followers with the same hobbies will be more likely than posting blog posts. fashion images and short text will be more pleasing to the eye. But since the content of her video is the same as the content of the article, so I learned may be a bit one-sided. So I provided her with some of my own ideas and suggestions and I really like her project.
The suggestion for Instagram is to like her content to be more diversified. such as reading some books about high fashion and watching their movies. Upload your favorite video clips and text to social platforms, which may attract some attention and resonance for high fashion lovers. When it resonates, Rachel will have valuable comments and opinions. I also browsed her tiktok and watched her newly uploaded dress up video. Tiktok is a short video interactive platform. If she can connect own clothing with high fashion and do some style collision or popular science, this will also be a way to learn marketing and social interaction.
She is very clear about the career and plan she wants to obtain in the future to expand her personal investment portfolio and is full of expectations for this future project.

After browsing the pitch and DA projects of these two classmates, I found that the similarity lies in the use of daily necessities around them to create content. This is similar to my project. My project also uses my personal belongings for painting. And through the content posted on their social platforms, I found that I still need to modify my content.

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